Volu brings a unique, holistic rolling device that incorporates design, functionality, control, and ease of use.
Collaborating in synergy towards the goal of establishing a new and perfected human-centered device
for the new cannabis elevated experience at home.

one touch

  • faster than ever

    Grinding and Rolling the exact amount needed in 30 seconds.

  • precise rolling

    Control the size of the Join

  • fresh every time

    Grinding and rolling the flowers at requests

  • Ratio & compression Control

    Volu allows user control on ratio and level of compression

  • Multy Rolls

    Rolling up to 6 joints at a time

smart storage

  • two large storage tanks

    Store up to 15 gr in a tank

  • maintaining freshness

    Maintaining moisture and freshness of your flower

  • Neutralizes odors

    Sealed box for an odorless experience

  • child lock

    Keep your cannabis locked from kids

stay connected

  • remote rolling

    Roll straight from your sofa on the way home up to 6 joints


    Keep track of amounts and strains for precise treatment

  • personal use

    Keep your favorite programs with the strains, ratio and size you love
    for better usage

  • inventory alert

    Never run out of flowers